Friday, January 14, 2011

Slow it down

Yesterday at the gym, I met a nice lady who had just had gastric bypass surgery four months ago.  She has lost 91 pounds and has had to re-learn how to eat.  She said that the biggest thing is to just "slow down" while eating.  Her doctor told her to set the timer when she sits down to eat...30 minutes is how long she should take to finish her meal.  30 minutes!!!!  Who takes that many minutes out of their busy precious schedules to EAT?!?!?  I am lucky to take 10 minutes, even at dinner.  By the time I get the dinner made, the table set, kids their plates, drinks, sit down, get up several times to get the forgotten stuff (turns out, you DO need silverware to eat with!!), and actually sit down to eat your, almost cold food, there's really not much time left for YOU to eat!  It's time to clean up dinner...  anyways, you get my drift...we are all soooo busy in our schedules that I know "I" forget to take time to enjoy my food, much less, digest it.  I do know that it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you are "FULL", so I guess I will try to be more conscience of the hurried, gulping down, of my meals.  

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