Sunday, November 7, 2010

The elliptical experience

On Saturday, I went to Saint Charles to meet my Sister for our workout!  This gym is sooo different than the O'Fallon gym because all of the machines are new and high-tech.  Plus, sometimes it can seem a bit intimidating due to all the circuit machines being in the front, right out in the open where you are visible by the whole gym!!  Each time we go, we care less about that, so that's good :) 

We started out by walking on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes (lost exact minutes) and then we did our circuit.  The machines are fun...they feel like you are on a ride!  We definitely pushed ourselves, our legs were shaking when we finished and we headed to the locker room.....then decided to give the dreadful elliptical another 3 minute try.  (Last week we finished our treadmill and wanted to try the elliptical to get the feel of it and it almost killed us!!  We tried for 3 mins. but could barely make heart rate got up to 178 it like 60 looks so easy, BUT it was so hard)  When we got on the machine, it actually felt really good...we kept looking at each other like, "seriously??"  We actually loved it!  Come to find out, we had tried the wrong type of elliptical at the O'Fallon gym!  It was climbing a mountain, so no wonder my heart wanted to jump out of my chest!  Now, we can't wait to do our cardio on it tomorrow!!  Go elliptical!!

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