Sunday, October 31, 2010

Joining the Club

For three weeks my brain has been churning about whether or not to join Club Fitness.  I got a coupon in the mail and it sounded like a great deal, the fact that free babysitting was included made it sound awesome!  I talked to my sister and we decided that we'd give it a try.  The gym gave us a 14-day trial membership and we started going.  At first it seamed really simple...our trainer, Evan, showed us the machines and around the gym, then set up our initial FREE training session. 

We were excited about going to our training session, but that soon turned to muscle-burning, sweating, almost crying pain!!!  Now I have more empathy for the contestants of The Biggest Loser!  I thought I might throw up, but I hung in there and I'm so happy for it!  My Sister and I are soooo proud of ourselves!

Speaking of my Sis....she is such a blessing...she knew that one of my major concerns about joining the gym was finding a way to afford it.  Times are tight right now, even $19.99 a month is hard to justify when you have bills to pay and two little kids at home.   I told the lady at the club that I would have to wait until payday to start my program and Diana says, "Merry Christmas" ...SHE SIGNED US BOTH UP!!! I couldn't believe it, she is way too good to me!! 

Now, we will "have" to stick to it and get in shape!  So far, so good...we are going every single day possible and it feels great!  We have both already lost a few pounds and are excited to see results!  Wish us luck!

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