Saturday, January 15, 2011

adding "my life" page

In starting the Dr. Oz's Move it to Lose it challenge, I had to create a profile, write my bio, and give my testimony regarding my weight.  It was really hard to write it down.  I have always known that my biggest downfall with weight was that, in my life,  HAPPY TIMES = YUMMY FOOD.   I decided to add it to my health blog and it can be viewed HERE 

Growing up, my Mom baked alot.  She was her happiest when she was baking.  She always had a fresh pie, home made cookies, sheet cake or something yummy for dessert.  But only if you cleaned your plate!!  No problem.  

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT blaming my Mom for my being overweight....I am a grown adult and choose to eat the wrong things.  I feel so blessed that my Mom cooked homemade meals for us, we never went hungry and she was the reason for it.   Everyday,  I feel my Moms presence as I cook for my own children.  I try to make dishes as healthy as possible, watch portion size and no longer ask them to clean their plates, just try each food. 

I know I need to make happy times around our home NOT about food in order to change this association between emotion and food, so I am going to be very observant and try to catch myself before rewarding them with a treat of any kind.  Maybe a game or activity instead?!?!?

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