Friday, December 3, 2010

To Harrah's gym

My sister set up a mini-vacation at Harrah's last Tuesday night.  We had had this planned for over a month and the time had finally arrived...I would pick Blake up from school, grab Diana, and head to the casino.  We thought they had a pool and were going to take the kids swimming before Billy got off work, but they don't.  So, we headed to their gym and got in a tiny sampler workout just to try their machines.  I am not much of a gambler, i was just there to swim, eat, workout and relax. (i even packed some good reading stuff!  LOL!)  We had a couple martinis in the room and when Billy got off work, instead of just picking up the kids, she talked him into going to Gitto's for dinner with us.  She is ever so generous and treated us all.  We had the most wonderful dinner ever.  When Billy and the kids left....we headed back to the gym to work off our dinner instead of gambling!  WOW!!

I did figure out that vodka and ellipticals don't mix well!!  My heart rate went WAY up so i moved onto the machines.  It was a shorter workout than normal, but at least we did it.  Then we headed to the poker slots!!  We stayed up late, then had breakfast and headed home!  A close and short vacation-thanks Sis!  :)

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