Friday, July 9, 2010

Stepping it up

Yes, we have been drinking extra water daily...easy since it's hot out!!! Yes, we've increased physical activity, especially with summer filled with swimming, playdates, and busy busy busy days!! Yes, I did tell someone (thanks sis) of my goals to help us both stay on track...BUT, it is not enough! This week:

1. No fast food
2. 8- 8oz glasses of water daily - NO soda
3. Incorporate 30 minutes of heart-pumping activity (even 10 mins at a time x3)
4. No eating after 6pm. period.
5. Journal food intake

I am sticking to this if it's the last thing i do !!! I am tired of being tired and giving in to the convenience as we grab food from a drive-thru!! I plan to slow down our schedules, so that we are not stressed for time and consider giving up our health to make it to another event!! Focus on our hearts...we deserve it!!!

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