Thursday, July 15, 2010

I did it !!!

I actually woke up on my own at 4:30am and could NOT go back to sleep...I have had a never-been-met goal of getting up at 5AM and starting my exercise routine, so I guess this morning my sleeplessness was a sign from above!  I got up, got dressed, and was going to go downstairs, turn on the news, and workout on my gazelle, was TOO news was on yet, SO......I put on running shoes and tried to sneak out by myself for an early walk around the block (thoughts of peace & quiet race through my head), but then, here comes Blake..."Mom, what are you doing, are you going somewhere, can I go too??!!??"  At first, I'm like  "are you kidding me?"  then I'm thinking, "I guess it could be worse...he could object to going on an early walk for some extra exercise !" I say, "get dressed, Buddy" comes the dog, who when I think about it, does get neglected when it comes to excercise for I get her collar and leash we go...Blake, Sophie, and I for an early morning walk on a very hot, sticky day.  The best part...Blake is great motivation and since they both had energy, we actually ran most of the way... and I am not a runner...YET !!!!!  lol!!!

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  1. Yay! Good for you. I would have just rolled back over and tried to go back to sleep or worse, gotten on the computer. LOL