Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank you...i think

I joined the gym months ago and had reached a plateau...i had only lost around between 7-10 pounds.  But just in the last two weeks, I have lost several total weight loss is 16 lbs.  I am happy, but not too happy.  I don't want to get excited and "reward" myself with a yummy dinner out and ruin it all.  You can't really tell by looking at me, but my clothes are loose on me and today I bought shorts that are two sizes smaller than where I started!!  YAY!  So, about that "thank you"...

Today at church, I am standing next to my Aunt during worship and she leans over and says to me, "I can tell you're losing weight..."  I am flabbergasted, because compliments are not really her "thing"...but then she finishes her sentence,  "you are shorter and your boobs are smaller"......GEE....Thanks, I think!  LOL!

What the heck could that really mean, and did she have to "finish that thought"?!?!?!?

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